University of Central California


Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer postgraduate level instruction in business administration and information technology. Our programs are designed to be delivered to motivated adults who aspire to attain graduate degrees in business and IT.

The institution will provide students with an up-to-date curriculum which challenges the student to integrate his/her learning with his/her professional situation and goals; a curriculum which is both intellectually challenging and practical.

The degree programs are intended for adults of all ages who aspire to college degrees in business and information technology. Our programs are offered by means of correspondence instruction. In all programs and services, this institute respects the value of diversity among students and faculty. Therefore, we encourage the participation of individuals from all nationalities, races, and creeds.

Part of our mission is to convey to students the importance of continuing education.

We endeavor to sustain these course offerings by developing an operational environment that is professionally managed, competently supervised, continually evaluated and appropriately modified and therefore kept current.